Study Program

At University Stuttgart transportation is not only a main research topic, it is although very important for education. So members of FOVUS founded three Study Programs that define the three-columns-concept of mobility:

Automotive and Engine Technology (Bachelor and Master)

Electrical Engineering and Information Technology - Electromobility (Master) (Homepage only German)

Transport Engineering (Bachelor, Master in realization) (Homepage only German)

Since WS 2008/09 Automotive and Engine Technology was changed a Bachelor/Master-Program. The aim of this study program is train engineers, which want to develop custom, environmental friendly and sustainable products. They students learn the holistic view of technical, economic and ecological context.

In WS 2012/13 the Master program Electromobility was established. The Master program is based on the Bachelor programs Automotive and Engine Technology and Electrical Engineering and Information Technology. The students could deepen the topics infrastructure, electrical driving and driver’s assistance systems.

Since WS2012/13 all FOVUS-institutes are involved in the study program Transport Engineering. Students learn for example how to plan a network of routes, timetables, traffic routs and traffic guidance systems. Although the development of driver’s assistance systems and logistic is part of the program. In WS2015/16 the master’s program will start.