Networks for Mobility 2012

6th International Symposium
27/28 September, 2012
Stuttgart, Germany


The Symposium is accompanied by three tutorials providing deep practical insights in selected topics. The tutorials will be held prior to the main symposium on 26 September 2012 directly at the University of Stuttgart.


The Symposium 2012 has the following main motto:

Mobility: Economy - Ecology - Technology


Solutions to most of the current and future transpor-tation problems cannot be found within only one single mode of transportation or within one single discipline. On the contrary, improvements in the direction of sustainable mobility require close interaction between the different transportation modes as well as the integration of the planning, technical, and socioeconomic fields.

We encounter networks and interdependencies in all fields of transportation and mobility: in transport infrastructure, in telematics and road pricing with their demanding information processes; in combined passenger and freight transport linking road and rail; in public transport with the conflicting requirements of the passengers and operators; and in politics with the interaction of transportation, the environment, and society.

The symposium “Networks for Mobility” is based on a network approach and provides a forum for an interdisciplinary exchange of information and experi-ences from the various areas of transportation and their related fields.

The last symposia showed that bringing together representatives from various disciplines leads to new insights and new projects. The researchers and practitioners from fields ranging from urban and regional planning, geodesy, economics, and ecol-ogy, to transportation planning, traffic, vehicle engi-neering, and electric power systems experience fruitful and multi-disciplinary exchanges, particularly due to the fact that methods of network analysis and modelling are very much interchangeable.

Symposium Topics

The discussion will focus on the following topics:

  • Integrated Railway Solutions for Smart Mobility
  • Travel Demand Modelling
  • Measuring or Modelling: New methods for sur-veying travel behaviour and traffic
  • Driver Assistance Systems
  • Positioning and Georeferencing
  • Freight Traffic and Logistics Services
  • Road Ecology and Landscape Impact
  • Travel and the Built Environment
  • Energy Efficient Cities: how much can transport contribute?
  • Non-Motorized Transport
  • Electro-Mobility and Infrastructure
  • Post-Fossile Mobility
  • Model Regions for Sustainable Mobility


You can find all presentations from the symposium here.


We thank our Sponsors for making Networks for Mobility 2012 possible: